The Missouri Poet Laureate Haiku Project

Haiku From Missourians

standing on the bridge

koi swim in pairs under

this fresh cut heart

     Scot D. Young

freezing wintertime

how a hungry wolf stalks

watching the rabbit

     LillyAnna Flygare

     9th Grade- Lutie

her green eyes danced there

old barn floor turned dancing stage

she moves then it's lost

     Robin Schofield,

     Grade 12, Lutie

mums in an old truck

moonshine over the next hill

middle of nowhere

     Scot D. Young – Theodosia


fireflies forgotten

in the jelly jar

     Frank Higgins

Trail dust, spider webs

still undisturbed, July sun

too hot for horses.

     Beth Gulley

enchanting laughter

she paints me cherry and rose

umber eyes dancing

     Emily Linenbrink

     Grade 12 – Lutie

the green leaf petal

surviving a torrential downpour

around dull yellow eyes

     Tyler Mabary

     Grade 12 – Lutie

The small strawberry

tastes sour, seedy, better

because I stole it

     Beth Gulley

On closer look,

relief: only a red

shop towel in the street.     

         Robert Stewart

Even the landfill's closed.

Archeological wonder,

snow-draped pyramid.

     Richard Newman

I can feel the wind

Rise from the frank abyss

Weaving a net of words

     Rick Christiansen

snap fractures in snow

hidden shells of wooden stems

ice cuckoo cackles

          David Kean

Cherokee purple

Green shawl around your shoulders

Let your red dress shine.

          Lynn Snyder

a rusty truck sits

by a fence row someone

quit on long ago

     Scot D Young

murder of crows  

gathered round the happy  

meal on 6th St.  

     Cameron Morse

saltshaker snowflakes

sprinkled over  

my exam room window

     Cameron Morse

rake dropped with its teeth

full of leaves

     Cameron Morse

hair from the put  

down dog in  

my jacket lining

     Cameron Morse

tornado warning

moths swirling at noon

around the streetlight

     Frank Higgins


fireflies forgotten

in the jelly jar

     Frank Higgins

tiny evergreen

on a field edge stands alone

sentry for morning

     Shirley Rickett

Loons calling at dusk,

Bille Holiday singing;

The moon is rising.  

     Charles Wurrey

Rock for a ball, stick / for a bat,

walking along /

the burnt orange log road.

     Chuck Sweetman

In a dogwood copse,

a mother rabbit nurses

her four furless young.

     Lindsey Martin-Bowen

Owl in the night speaks

its question, its insistent

answer to darkness.

     Trish Reeves

Flow as the river

Over the bridge, across it

Meet its waters twice.

          Ralph Seligman

Merging of waters

Embracing the whole vastness

From Fountain to Arch.

          Ralph Seligman

Wind blows through the curtains

Rain seeps onto the windowsill

In here it is calm.

     —Grace Chambers - UCM

Sun-dappled pavement.

Hidden in shadowed alleys,

I blink first. Your move.

     —Hannah Harrelson- UCM

Pulled from dirt refuge

Red robin studies breakfast

Earthworm connoisseur

     Lynn Doerr

The lighthouse appears

And disappears in the fog.

     Judith Roberts, Raytown

The fatted deer seek

fallen grain in the red light

of the Hunter's Moon

     Terry Allen, Columbia

Giant pink dogwood

Majestic blooming bouquet

Springs exuberance!

     Melinda Hemmelgarn

White, sparkling snow

curled softly upon old

branches—dark sadness.

     Nancy Jo Allen, Columbia

Pothos vine has passed.

She returns to mother earth

a fertilizer

     LeMing Yocum, Lee's Summit

Through blinds

blues complement orange windows

Nightfall draws my gaze.

     Andrea Brookhart, GKC

S curves of blue cat

casual tail brushing beams

moon in the room.

     Andrea Brookhart, GKC

The root of a tree

can't trip you

if you have a garden path.

     Polly Alice McCann, NKC

Forests drenched in rain

Shredding everything below

Rebirth in the spring  

     Emma Shockey (10th grade)

     Lutie, Theodosia

The silent dark night

A cold breeze blowing through

A silencing scream  

     Contessa Jones (10th grade)

     Lutie, Theodosia

Under the feeder

Bluebirds, redbirds, sparrows, dove

Mingle their colors

     Lois Long

laments and lies

my ears ring

with frog truth

     Greg Field

Bushes with barbs

block windows.

Dolls have no view.

     Tina Hacker

Obsidian sky

Moon, single silver sliver

Stars left the building

     Jan Wheeler, GKC


snow moon

dripping taps

punctuate the silence

     Allyson Whipple, St. Louis

yellow swallowtail—

missing you more

with every flutter

     Allyson Whipple, St. Louis

yellow blooms amid

dour trees like kids playing in

a cemetery

     William Bartlett

then a spring snowfall--

big wet flakes like open hands—

quieted the hills

     John Peterson, GKC

tank blast

the meadow bursts

with butterflies

     Frank Higgins, Raytown

Twister forms out front

Locals go outside to see

Adrenaline rush

     Catherine Bowman,